Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cairns Day 103

I just finished paying for all my trips! I'm totally excited! Things are mving fast now. I have 1 more week in Cairns and then I'm on the move This morning I sold my bicycle for 50$ which wasn't a bad deal since it's really falling apart but the guy llked ot fix up bikes as a hobbie so he was okay buying it knowing he'd have to put some money into it. At least he's going to save money doing it himself.

As for my trips, here's my plan:
Next wednesday I'm going on a 2 day/1 night trip to Cape Tribulation, the rain forest north of Cairns. When I return, I'm giving myslef 1 day to pack and then going to on a 3 and a half day bus trip from Cairns to Darwin.
I spend 1 day in Darwin and then hopping onto a bus for a 3 day trip to Kakadu national park.
I then return to Darwin, spend 1 more night in Darwin and then head over to Alice Springs (in the center of Autralia) over 3 days on a bus.
Finally, I'll do a 3 and a half day tour around the red center and once I'm back at Alice, it's a flight to Sydney.
I'm going to be in Sydney for a few days and then I'm on my way home to sweet sweet (and cold!) Canada!

I have a so much to do before I leave - buy a jacket and hat, get a new guitar case, mail things home, etc.- so I decided to quit my job this sunday. I hope it's not a problem since i havn't really told my boss but he knows i"m leaving next saturday so I can't see 2 more days being a problem.

It's cloudy today but it's not going to stop me from playing some guitar so I'm off!


Mariana said...

Montreal eagerly awaits the return of Budman, now with world-travelling action!

Glad everything's going well with you.

TK said...

Damn, man, things are coming to an end quickly.

Enjoy the trip! I did :)

I'll mail you properly sometime soon.