Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cairns Day 112

First off I just wanted to rant about spam. I noticed I got 4 new comments to my last post and they are all SPAM! I can't believe that now spam is getting onto blogs! I've has this website for over a year and I nevr got any spam and now i got FOUR spam comments. They just say stuff like "Awesome blog, check mine out!" and it's probably a computer program and searches through a list and pops the message and link. AUGH!

In another note, IT"S MY LAS DAY IN CAIRNS!

I'm really going to miss this place. I guess I'm just sad because I know my WHOLE trip is coming to an end and also this is going to be the third time I pack up my stuff and leave behind a great place, with friends and memories.

Monday night I went out to the Woolshed and had a great time with my work friends. bought funny plastic hats and gave one to evryone. They were black, orange, green and hot pink. the funny thing is others liked them so much, by the end of the night, the hats were all over the place. People were jus tplucking them from others and then wearing them for a while until somoene else came along. I fought off people though for mine. No ones's going to steal MY HAT MOTHER F@CKER! Haha.

Tuesday I took it really easy and got some last minute errands done. I bought a new guitar case. It's a hard case suitable for the bus and plane. Otherwise my guitar playing days would have come up short if a giant backpack were to topple over it and crushing it while under the bus on the way to Darwin. Someone gave me the idea of putting on stickers from all the places I visit. I already have 3 stickers and hope to get more before I go home. If I had started at the beginning of my trip I'd probably have like 50 stickers.

Wednesday I travelled up to Cape Tribulation. It's the beach area in the Daintree Rainforest. I got picked up near my house and went on a 2 hour drive up north. we stopped for a light breakfast at some small cafe on the road and then headed up to the Daintree River. There, we had a small boat tour and got to see 2 live crocodiles and a baby one. They were just lying on the edge of the river, with not much movement so it wasn't scary or anything. After the boat tour we stopped for a walk through the Daintree in the Cape Tribulation section. It was really nice with lots of tree and ferns. Our bus driver, Junior, gave us the small tour and was showin us a fern that grew a thin long spikey branch nick names 'Wait-a-while' and explained the reason for it is if you get caught on it, the more you tug, the more you get stuck, so you need to 'wait a while' and then push backwards to unhook yourself. I got to test the theory with my baseball cap.

By the afternoon, I got dropped off at the hostel I was staying for the night, The Ferntree. It was a really nice looking place with tiny shacks for rooms. I ended up sharing my room with 3 English girls, Jo, Emily and Frankie. Frankie wanted to climb this nearby mountain, Mount Sorrow, and I was up for it so I recruited 2 peopel I met on the bus ride up, Regine from Germany and Arnaud from France and the 4 of us went up the mountain. The return trip to the top and back would have taken 6 hours and we were already cutting it close to make it back before sun set. On the way to the mountain track we actually got lost and that lost us another hour, haha. We dicided to see how far up we could go, hoping we'd get a nice view halfway. Unfortunatly the whole mountain was covvered with really tall trees and after walking for about an hour and a half it looked like rain so we headed back down. The weather over the two days was pretty crappy. After the walk, I took a nap and at night ended up at PK's, the hostel were everyone goes for a drink and music. I bumped into a dutch girl from my bus trip and she was playing cards with 3 other girls. I ended up teaching them how to play the game 'Asshole' and we played for a couple dof hours before I called it quits.

One of the girls, Gabriel from Slovakia, wanted to do some short walks in the morning before she returned to Cairns so I ended up getting up at 7:30am and going for some walks. We hit Myall Beach but it started to down pour. After getting soaking wet we made our way to Mason's Swimming Hole. I quite liked it because it was this little path in the woods and yo uhad to push branches out of the way and climb over falen trees to reach this little stream. it was an amazing site adn probably my favorite part of my visit up to cape trib. Afterwards, we went on this boardwalk throught The rainforest and saw more trees and ferns.

By 1:30 I got back on the bus and on the way back to Cairns, we stopped at Mossman Gorge, had a quick stop in Port Douglas and reached Cairns by 6pm.

Today I just have a few more things to do before tomorrow. I just came back from buying a new CD player since my old one stopped working. I had a really super duper player with all features but it just won't turn on anymore. I looked around for days and there are no real good selections out here (Cairns is so small, there is 1 mall, 1 electronic shop, etc.) I ended up settling on a real cheap one that was on sale and only cost 60$. I'm hoping it'll last until I get back home and can save u adn by a better on in the future. I also need to do my laundry and pack my bag. then finally tonight I might go to the woolshed for one last beer. I am just really pissed because I found out yesturday I lost my VIP card! I don't know what happened to it. I don't need it anymore but I wanted it as a souvenier. I'm hoping maybe I can get another one made today so I can have it when I return home.

I'm going to try my hardest to update while on the road but do not know how easy/hard it will be. I'm going to do what I did before which is write in my journal by hand and copy my thoughts onto my blog when I get the chance. So keep posted!

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