Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cairns Day 107

man it's starting to get really sad now a days!

Last night was my final shift at Vivo's. I got the rest of the week off so I can get everything sorted out before I leave.

To think, after 3 weeks of not finding a job and very close from just moving away to do banana picking (which is very hard work), I forced myself one afternoon (after a very hard night of drinking th enight before) and with my hungover head, randomly waltzed into Vivo's in Palm Cove, where I met Ivo. Out of luck, he just happened to need a kitchenhand really badly and I got hired that very same day while my friends (who I was jump hunting with) were to lazy and slept at the lagoon all day. I ended up with a great job and house and they ended up moving to some remote area to work in a seafood factory.I had a great time working at Vivo's. The staff was great and supportive, the work was fun and easy. it was also in a great area that was different from where I lived and although the bus trip was 40 minutes a day, I didn't mind the scenary. I also enjoyed the many free lifts home that I recieved from Marco. THANKS MARCO! If any of the Vivo staff is reading this, thanks for a great 3 months in Cairns, you made my work fun rather than a boring job.

Also, Ivo wants to come back to Canada to do some skiing so I tried convincing him to come hit the slopes in Quebec. It's be awesome to see him and his wife Kylie in my climate - FREAKING FREEZING!

I got a shit load of stuff to get done today and i even bailed on spending the whole day having fun with my two great roomates Adam and Carl. They had planed to go wake boarding and then go to a golf range but I just have too much to do! It's going to take ma ll day to get my errands done. At least we're all going out tonight for my last night and then the plan is to hang out tomorrow and just wathc movies and eat pizza. Should be fun! Expect a more sentimental post on friday when it'll REALLY hit me that I'm leaving Cairns (or even if I came in the future, the Cairns that I know) forever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Josh! Talked to your mom yesterday - how exciting this trip sounds! I wondered if you could email me with some suggestions of where to stay in Cairns and Sydney. Ben and I will be out that way in November for some diving and a wedding. Email to RGERBER30 at

-Becky Gerber (your cousin)

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