Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cairns to Darwin Day 4

On our final day on our voyage to Darwin, I awoke again feeling really tired since i didn't slept well yet again.

Slet on the bus until we got to the Daly Waters Pub. Inside and around the back they had all sorts of stuff collected by travellers. Inside was money from all over the world. I was looking an old 2$ canadian bill but couldn't find one, but I did see a 20$ bill so that was cool. Around the back were liscence plates from all over but no Montreal plates, however, there was a vancouver one.

We then watched Anger Management on the TV Screens before heading to Mataranka which is the home of the Thermal Pools. These pools are naturally 35 degrees celsius! the water was great!

We then stopped in at Ketherine for about 30 mnutes. Not much going on , just a small little town.

After Katherine watched Constantine (I LOVE that movie!) and made or way to the Adelaide River Inn. Inside was Charlie the Buffalo - a giant stuffed Buffalo that Greg joked about it being THE buffalo from the Crocodile Dundee movies.

One more hour on the bus and we made it to DARWIN!!! Actually most of Darwin was destroye din 1974 b a terrible cyclone, Cyclone Tracy, that hit hard on Chrismas Eve. There's a story that one guy had to bring his injured neighbour to the hospital and on the way, with all the rain and wind didn't see that a house had rolled into the the street and drove right into it. He eventually backed out of it and drove to the hospital. On the way back, the house had moved again and the road was clear.

I got dropped off at the Cavenaugh. My friend James told me it's a great place to stay. I'm staying in a room with 15 other people but it's not that bad. There are loads of fans and dividers between every 2 bunk beds.

For dinner we were all invited to The Vic, Darwin's version of the Woolshed/Cheeky Monkeys. We had lasagna for dinner and then the fun began. Apperently the more rowdy everyone gets, the more drinks everyone gets. At the beginnign they wanted peopel for a contest so, of course, I ended up on stage. We had to take this vaccuum tube and blow it like a didjeridoo. Then the winner was decided by the amount of cheers he/she got. I couldn't have been any luckier since right before I left Cairns, my roomate Adam had bought a real didjeridoo and taught me how to play it. Since my group really cheered me on I ended up winning. My prize was a 30$ voucher to a cruise along the Adelaide river where they have 'jumping crocodiles'. The rest of the night was crazy. just a big party. Angus entered this game called scavenger hunt where 8 people started on stage and had to obtain items from the crowd. The last back on stage was disqualified. At first is was easy stuff but then it got really hard. Towards the end, they needed men's underwear and after a quick run to the bathroom, Angus was back on stage wearing my blue undies over his pants and I was commando. He ended up winning and recieved a 3 day 2 night Ayers Rock tour.


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Glen said...

Wow - how did they know you love on-line marketing too! Uncanny! I seem to be sensing a trend with your recent posts though - first you end up sharing a bed with a guy and next thing another guy is wearing your underwear on his head. Very disturbing.

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