Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Darwin Day 1

I finally had an AMAZING sleep from the night before and woke up feeling great. I ended up finding out taht the guy in the bed underneath mine was friends with James when he livedout in Darwin - small world. I also got friendly with the guy at reception who married a french canadian and loved that I was from Montreal. He gave me 2 free meal tickets for dinner at The Vic, didn't ask for a deposit on the cutlery I needed and offered to let me have a bicycle for the afternoon free of charge. After lunch with Lee in the hostel I hung out with Rich and played more guitar. He showed me how to play a bit of Come As You Are by Nirvana and a bit of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Then Lee joined us and we went walking around Darwin.

After dinner we headed over to the Vic and this girl from Rich's room joined us. The 4 of us were SO tired we hardly wanted to drink and didt stay out too long. I just wanted to go because it turned out that to get to the cruise I won, I needed my own car so I wanted to see if I could exchange it. It turns out the regular MC wasn't working the night I won it and tonight he returned. His name was Wade and he was from Canada. Turns out he's form Dunville, Ontario which is where my friend Tyler is from and Wade told me he's really good friends with Tyler's brother - Small World. Wade loves Canadians and wa so happy to hear I was Canadian he gave me a voucher for a 60$ tour to the Territory Wildlife Park and even let me keep the old voucher! I then bumped into this girl Louise whom I knew from Cairns and she was ranting about the jumping crocodile tour and how she was interested in going so then I told her I happen to have a free voucher for it and made her day by giving it to her. I also ended up wining us 2 jugs of beer by playing this "throw the ball in the bucket" game and Wade let me have 4 tries for being Canadian. After i got it in once, I thought that was it but he insisted I try all 4 times and I got a second jug. After i was done, he then removed weights from the bucket that kept it from moving and pushed it back about 2 feet to make it hard for everyone else!

By 11pm I called it a night since I had to get up early for the trip.

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Glen said...

You're honestly the luckiest guy I know -- how many contests has it been that you've won now?