Thursday, August 25, 2005

Darwin Day 2

Today I got woken up at 6am and was informed there was in fact room on that trip I wanted to go to. An hour later I was on the bus to the Wildlife Park. It was quite interesting but not really worth 60$, in my mind. I was ther only backpacker. Everyone else there were in their 50s or 60s except one guy who must have been 30 something and this woman with her 3 kids. I saw a bunch of birds, reptiles, dingos, etc. Did a few small walks and there was even a small aquarium with a tunnel where the fish swam above you.

The highlight had to have been this show called Birds of Prey (No it wasn't an Australian cover band of my brother Lorne's band, The Birds of Prey). They brought out this white owl and then a bird that looks like an eagle called a Kite. The last bird, who'se name I can't remember, wa the coolest bird I have ever seen. It looked like a cross between an eagle and a phoenix. It flew around but also waddle around and had thick furry legs. Then the trainer through out a green plastic egg that looked like an emu egg and said that it's one of the birds treats. Rather then grab for it, the bird waddles around to this bush where I immediately though the bird was stupid and didn't care about what it was given. I was soon proven completely wrong when the bird waddled back to the egg with a rock in its mouth. It then threw the rock at the egg several times until it cracked it open! After it ate what was inside, the trainer said that they trained it to pick up the pieces and for every piece returned to the owner, they got a piece of food, so the bird cleanedup it's mess! That was truley something to witness.

After the morning trip, I got dropped off at 1:30 in the city, just in time to bump in Angus. Angus, Lee, Rich, myself and whole bunch of others fro the trip are to meet tonight at the famous Mindel Markets by the beach which happens on thursdays and sundays so I'm lucky to have a chance to check it out.

Tomorrow mornign I get up at 5:00am to head onto my Kakadu trip. I'm still tired from my last trip! I'm sure it will be alot of fun though.
Since I leave for Alice Springs the next after returning from Kakadu I don't think I'll be able to update for a while but keep posted and you're find going to a whole new set of stories to read!


Glen said...

I wish I had one of those birds to clean up the mess in my apartment. This is a great blog - maybe you'll also be interested in low interest mortgage rates. It's nothing special but you should check it out. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rock On Down Under!!! Josh, you finally found our mascot for the band (other than you, of course). Birds of Prey Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!