Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kakadu Unleashed Day 2

Got up, had breaky and headed through more rough terrain while listening to 90's dance music. It was AWESOME, haha!

We made it to Twin Falls where we did a 15 minute boat ride to the base of the falls. Bing the dry season , teh falls were very small, more like trails of water just leaking down the rock cliff, but a wonderful sight, none-the-less.We then returned to the beginning and started walking upward toward the top of the falls. To get there we had to do a lot of hoping accross tones of giant rocks and boulders. Once at the top, we were sweating and got to jump into the water for a swim.

once we were done with the Twin Falls, we made our way to Jim Jim Falls. Again, we did a long walk, hoping above rocks and boulders to the falls. Again, due to the dry season, there was no actual falls, so it was more like Jim Jim Rock Face, but at the bottom was still a 53m pool. Due to it's location, the sun didn't really touch it so the water was icy cold and SO refreshing like when you go swimming in a lake early in the morning back home in Montreal.

As it started getting dark, found a nice spot nearby to set up camp. Had some beer and played more guitar by the fire where I managed to teach myself Come As You Are by Nirvana. We had delicious chicken stir fry made completely by Clancy herself.

After telling jokes at the campfire (One Aussie told this one: A girl realy wanted a new dress for her school party (prom) and the father kept saying only if she gave him a blow job. She was disgusted and kept refusing. Finally one day she really wanted that new dress and didn't care and gave her dad a blow job, when she was done she screamed out "AUGH! That tasted like SHIT!". To which the father replied "Yeah, you're brother had asked to borrow the car." - Crazy Aussie humor!) I hit the swag again and fell asleep staring at the stars.

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