Monday, January 16, 2006

Bling Bling

Today I've been TOTALLY exhausted. I slept on the whole bus ride to school, the whole bus ride home from school and then fell asleep at the kitchen table while studying my notes... and I'm STILL tired! I think it may have to be from the weekend. Saturday night I spent a whole day with my improv bunch. I ended up going to bed at 3am. I didn't care at the time for, even though I had work the next day, it was only a 4 hour shift from 10am until 2pm. Wrong. I misread my schedule and my shift was in fact from 10am until 7pm, with my break at 2pm! Let's just say it was a lot longer a day then I had expected. Also, my boss decided it'd be fun to throw me in the fitting room section all day. It was my first time working there. I was actually suprised since it wasn't that bad. I got to just hang out a bit and chat with the other people working in 'the fits' as we call it. I basically spent the whole day opening up doors with a key. There's a good trait to stick on my resume. Skills - great customer service, knowledge of cash register, experience door unlocker...

Today at my Digital Image Processing class, we did a quick recap on the difference between pixels and vectors. We talked about resolution and it's importance with Photoshop. We also reviewed the different color modes: Gray Scale, RGB, CMYK, etc. The new material we dabbed into were the different types of files you can save your work under. these included PDS, TIFF, EPS, GIF and JPEG formats. It was quite interesting since I didn't know what made them so different and what advantages one format has over the other.

Everything was going great until we were asked to follow by doin gth esteps on the computer. While I wa doing my stuff, I missed a step and everything just collided. I was totally lost and we were just doing really simple things. However, due to that tiny mistake, I was behind on an offbeat. When the prof was saying "OK now close file A and open File B" I would have JUST opened file A. I kept asking Amelie, this girl in my class, where we were and eventually I got the common "Is everything OK Josh? If you have any problems just ask me rather then disturb your neighbour and the class" by my prof. *Sigh* Hopefully I won't be as tired on Wednesday when I have my next class.

On a different note,I've been checking out that site a lot. I find it's not a very good site in terms of structure since the tutorials don't really teach you how to use photoshop. Rather, it just shows how to do some realy cool things using photoshop. I browsed through a bunch of stuff and came accross a tutorial showing how to make a font that looks like it's diamond encrusted or 'bling bling'. Although I"m not quite at the stage to be able to reproduce the steps without consulting the original tutorial, here is what I came up with by following each step systematicaly:

Also, according to today marks Trogdor's 3rd birthday. In tribute, the creators compiled a really cool montage of all things Trogdor. Check it out HERE!


Anonymous said...

Hey Josh,
We've got to introduce you to the train. You'd be back in DDO before you had a chance to sleep. Almost.


Robyn Grauer-Cooper said...

Josh - please email me at Graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com, I need to find out 1st semester schedule, so that I can get you guys to sign our petition for updated computers at school. EMAIL ME ASAP!

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