Friday, January 20, 2006

Horribly Horrible

Today was the worst class experience I had yet. The course for today was entitled Graphic Design. We're going to be learning all about the processes used to create a graphic design element from client to printing press. Also the basic guidlines used ingraphic design, etc. Unfortunately, the Super Awesome prof who normally teaches this (according to several people I've spoken to who already tok the course) broke her leg a week before classes started. Her replacement came in today for the first class of the semester being last week, class was cancelled. I was so lost you couln't have brought me back on track with a map, a compass and rope to pull along! He seems like a vey enthusiastic professor ready to make sure that the students really excel in school and he's definitely has a master feel on the subject. The only problems are:

1. He doesn't speak english very well. I have nothing wrong with that. We are in fact in a french province but on several occasions when he got lost in what he was saying because he couldn't remember the words, he dropped the subject all together, even in the middle.

2. He loves the subject so much he kept going off in tangents like a blind man driving a car. It's understandable except he did it with such smoothness, we had no idea that he switch topics until he was done talking and then realized we were way off from where we started.

We had an assignment to do for next class. It involves the golden rule, which is a mathematical discovery of where things are placed naturally to catch people's eyes. It took him almost an hour to explain that all we had to do was make a rectangle with a specific contour of margins.

I totally understand that things will get better in the class once we start doing more hands-on stuff, but to ensure everythign is kosher, I went with Erica (girl in my class) to see the Director of the program and just make him aware of the fact that no one paid attention in class. He noted it and said he'd speak to the prof. On the way out, another guy from our class was waiting to talk to the Director about the exact same thing.

Hopefully next week will be a lot easier to follow.

Thats my too cents.

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