Friday, January 20, 2006

Fun-filled Fun!

As opposed to yesturday's very un-fun class, today's class was super awesome!
In my second Creativity class, we were asked to bring a giant pad of newspaper print. We were then asked to take a pencil and split it into 8 boxes. Then the prof said to draw whatever we wanted in box one. 5 minutes later she tells us to finish up and pass it to the person to our right. Then they had to draw something in box 2 and et a story going. After 5 minutes, we had to pass it on again, and so on. Six boxes later, the whole story was complete. Some made sense and some didn't. My favorite being about a horse:
Box 1 - Horse (head only)
Box 2 - Horse is in a fenced area
Box 3 - Broken fence, no horse
Box 4 - More broken fence and still no horse (the artist of box 4 must have had no ideas)
Box 5 - Pick up truck with Horse in the back on its way to a glue factory (my contribution)
Box 6 - Girl making a collage poster using glue
Box 7 - Poster is the center of attention at a party with other girls... and the horse!
Box 8 - They all boogie down!

We had to do the exercise again but this time we had about 1-2 minutes per bx and by the 4th box we had to add a conflict, then solve it and have 2 alternate endings. One story involved someone wind surfing but then gets eaten by a whale. Ending # 1 involved the person getting blown out if the whale's blow hole and was therefore free. I ended up having to come up with ending #2 which involved the wind surfer, still in the whale, finding Pinnochio.

After our break, we then proceeded the second half of the class doing logic games. The first one being you start with 9 dots in a square formation:
0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

Now, without lifting your pencil, you have to run over all 9 dots making only 4 lines. I got it fairly quick but that was because I had done it a long time ago and the trick came back to me.

Another mind question was you have 6 glasses in a row. The first 3 are full, the last 3 are empty: F F F E E E
With moving only 1 glass, how do you make it so the line is alternating (fulle, empty, full, etc.)

Finally, our last challenge was:
If it takes 6 men 6 days to dig 6 holes, how long would it take 1 man to dig a half hole?

(If anyone wants the answers just let me know)

That concluded our class! Just fun and games! No theory, no homework! It was awesome!

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Mariana said...

Ok, I give up. What's the answer to the dots- 4 lines thing?!