Friday, January 27, 2006

More Fun Filled Riddles and Games!

Today during my creativity class, we spent the first half talking about the 3 characteristics of the creative personality. These are:
1. The opening to new experiments
2. The personal, internal source of evaluation
3. The aptitude to play with concepts both physical and abstract

We then discussed each point. We had a 20 minute discussion about things we can do to change our daily routine. Answers included changing type of clothes, listening to different and changing you partner.

Then, she drew on the board

and asked us what we saw. The class saw a house, an arrow, a knife, a boat, a wooden bridge and other things when looking at it in different orientations (sideways, upside down). What do YOU see?

Finally, after the break, she gave us more logic problems! Before I go into them, by request, let me recap one from last week. Starting with nine dots in this formation:

you have to intersect all nine points while drawing no more than 4 lines, without lifting your pencil. Try it a few times. I included the answer below.

New riddles this week were:
Taking 6 pencils (tooth pics, whatever), arrange them in a way so each pencil is touching the other 5 pencils at the same time.

What is an ancient invention used to see through walls?

Starting with 9 dots (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0), rearrange place them in a way so you can make five line composed of 4 dots.

She ended the class with this riddle:
There is a family of with numerous sons and daughter. Each girl has as many brothers as sisters. Each boy has twice as many sisters than brothers. How many children are there and how many are male, female?

As promised, the answer for the above:

The point of that exercise was to "think outside the box"!


The Hek said...

Hey Josh,

It's Eric form Carleton Improv. Thanks again for coming out. Cool blog. I have one of those myself.

See you Friday.

Andrew said...

There are seven kids; three boys and four girls. What do I win?!

Here's one for you:

There are three sailors on a boat, with four cigarettes and no matches. How do they each manage to smoke their cigarettes?

Eric said...

So wait, you have creativity class?
They put you in a classroom, and teach you to be creative???



Budman said...

Well it's more of a class to bring out ideas and get you to think in different ways. Although, the prof did ask us in class what was the definition of being creative and when no one answered she said "ok, let's try a different approach, what made you want to go to this school and become a graphic designer" to which I replied "I'll tell you why, but you're not going ot like it" and then she asked why, to which I replied "to be creative"