Monday, January 30, 2006

Why I Ottawa...

Saturday evening, fellow McGill Improv members Chris Dye, Noelle and myself ventured to Ottawa to see the Carlton Improv Association (CIA) perform. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It wasn't cold outside at all and the road were completely clear.

After picking up our ride in Westmount, we made it to Ottawa by 6:30. Chris brought us to Parliment and gave us a little tour around the area. It was pretty cool to see the parliment building looking brand spanking new, since the last time I was in Ottawa (5+ years) the roof was still green, not brown, and the building wasn't as shiny.

By 7:00 we moved on to Carton University. As we entered the campus area, we immediately got lost. The first person we asked for directions just cofused us more. After following her directions and ended up reaching the exit on the other side of the campus, we turned arounda nd asked for more directions. I'm pretty sure the second person we asked didn't know english because she just looked really confused and didn't say anything when we asked "Where is the University Center?". Finally we figured it out ourselves and found ourselves at Mike's the tiny bar where the troup was to perform.

The show itself was good. The team had a total of 11 players at the show. To even out how often a player performed, Noel, the president, actually had a list of who would play what. They played a few games that either McGill Improv don't play or play differently. Don't worry we took lots of notes and are compiling a folder of Carlton Secrets. Now we will truley be ready for them when we compete against them at the Improv Summit. Which reminds me:

Friday, February 3rd at 7pm in the Shatner Building at McGill (SSMU/Student Union building) there will be an IMPROV SUMMIT! What is an IMPROV SUMMIT you may ask? Well a Summit is the top of a mountain (boring) but an IMPROV summit is a competition involving several improv teams. Ths year there are 4 teams - Carlton, Princeton, UQAM and McGill. The teams compete against each other in rounds and the winner of each round is determined by YOU the audience (yes every single person who reads this blog MUST attend!)

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Billy Ruffian said...

Hey Buddy! It's Owen from the CIA. Thanks for coming down to Carleton on Friday, look forward to seeing you on Friday!