Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wednesdays are a BIG one!

So today I have finally had my first full day of classes. I had 3 in a row. The first one was 4 hours and the others were 3 hours each. My total time at school today spanned from 8am until 6:30pm. It was, however, a very packed day of learning.

My first class, basic design, was spent the whole time in front a computer. The prof gave us a handout and we had to follow the steps to learn some basic tools in Illustrator. The goal of the projects was to get used to how things work by making 4 different kind of fish using basic shapes. Here's the result:

(I added FISHBONE myself. Doesn't it look like the logo?)

Once that was done I moved on to the next project which involved manipulating squares and circles. I got as far as the first part which resulted in:

(Slinky, Slinky, Everyone wants a SLINKY!)

So far my teacher says I"m doing a very good job in class and I"m working at a good pace (OH YEAH!).

My second course was Edition I. This is the first class i had in the subject because the original prof broke her leg and they school had to figure out who would be the replacement. Basically, this class is all about learning the electronic layout program, Quark Xpress. It seems pretty simple. You use it to place text and pictures in the way that you'd like it to look when you print. It's what you would use to make a poster, magazine, etc. The prof handed us a sheet of shortcuts that we need to memorize to help us use the program more effeciently. Afterwards, he made us use the program to REPRODUCE the same layout online, which I though was quite clever. My homework for this class is to design 4 different layouts using the same elements. There's not much I can really do but I'm hoping I'll figure out something creative.

Finally, we ended the day with Computer Techniques. I had to fill out a tiny quiz to show my knowledge of computers. Questions included "Describe what is meant by Hardware?" "What is the difference between RAM and Hardware memory?" "Describe upload and downlaod.",etc. I was able to answer maybe 80% of the quiz and probably 50% of the 80% confidently, haha. The prof then introduced the concept of file and folder organization. My assignment for next week is to download a bunch of files from a specific site and arrange them in proper folders. Sounds as hard as counting to 1.

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