Monday, January 09, 2006

First Day of Classes

So it's official, I have returned to school. On friday I attended an orientation for my course. We were basically given the run down of how things work at the school. They want us to work hard and to ensure we keep our place, for every class I am absent from, I will lose 3% off my final mark for that course. Also if I am given back a mark I don't agree with I'm allowed to ask for a reevalutaion. After the reevaluation, if my mark does get changed to something better then everything is cool. However, if my mark does not get changed for valid reasons then I have to pay 10$! If I'm STILL not happy I can APPEAL the mark but fi I'm wrong this time, it's 50$! Hardcore...
After the few speeches, we did a tour around the building. I was given an agenda and I had my ID card photo taken. I was given a locker (#1234 oh yeah!) and an access card to the computer rooms.

Today I had my first class - Digital Image Processing. Also known as Photoshop level 1, it's the first of three photoshop courses. I was given a course outline and although its a lot of theory, our future assignemnts look like they will be a lot of fun. Today I just learnt a bit of basic theory. Mostly what's the difference between pixels and vectors as well as the different color modes that exist (grayscale, RGD, CMYK, etc.)

I have five other classes this week as well but I'm not sure what they are for my schedule was printed in french and some of the words are cut off. I can't wait to see what they are. Unfortunately, the teacher of two of two of the classes, broke her leg so she's otu of commision for 2 months. In the meantime, the classes are cancelled this week until they figure something out for next week.

On the bright side I'm still at Old Navy and have sealed the deal to work there at elast 15 hours a week.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Improv shows that are happening on Tuesday at 4:30 at Gerts in the Shatner Building (just incase you were wondering...) BUT GO WATCH THEM ANYWAYS!


Robyn Grauer-Cooper said...

Budman - Robyn (RHS 98) here. I got your blog site from Monica - we both apparently know her. Anyhow, you just started at Interdec? I AM THERE! 2nd semester Graphic Design student. Lorraine is the teacher who broke her leg in a ski accident! My class w/her was cancelled yesterday too! That is so funny that u're at Interdec!

TK said...

D00d, that's one more than me, going back to school. Just the thought of exams and studying for them is dreadful... *shudder* But, if they're as easy as showing my knowledge of Photoshop, it'd be a piece of cake (cake made by me :) )

Good luck!

Budman said...

To Robyn - That is crazy! I'm sure our paths our bound to cross one day at the school.

To Tyler - Studying IS dreadful but this is a lot of hands on work. I also need to learn on my own, so I have to force myself constantly to want to learn. On the bright side, I'm going to school that not only teaches graphic design but also fashion, interior design, beauty, etc. (Read : FULL OF HOT CHICKS)