Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Things Are Starting To Pick Up

After another long day at school, things are really starting to roll.

In Basic Design, we had the whole class to finish up with our exercise notes. Basically, using the various Illustrator tools to make th esame shapes as in the notes. Although each are simple and easy to make, they are quite cool looking:

All the above were made using the square and elipse tools, scale tool and rotation and refelction tools.

In Edition I we conitnued with our learning of Quark Xpress. Last week I had to go home and come up with 4 alternative layouts of a sheet our prof handed out.The whole thing was composed of 2 text boxes and 2 images, therefore, there wasn't much room for change except swapping the positions of the items. Out of the 4 layouts, I had to pick one and actually make it on the computer. I spend probably half the class trying to make something smart looking but when I finally showed the prof, he told me he didn't like that I covered one of the pictures with text (which was actually what took me the longest to figure out - how to put text over a picture). That being said, I had not choice but to completely scrap that and start over. On top of that, I had pretty aweful colors. When I was trying to fix things up, I came up with a pretty wicked layout I hadn't of thought of and the prof showed me a cool trick and I pulled off a pretty damn aweseom layout, given what I had to work with. I can't post the image yet since it's saved in a different format but when I have it ready, it's coming up on here!

This week the computers were all upgraded to MAC OS X Tiger. So, in Computer Techniques, we went over how to work with it and use all it's shortcuts. We also learnt something pretty cool. I now know how to change the image for a particular folder. When I get the chance at school, all of mine are going to be characters!

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