Monday, January 23, 2006

Selections and Masks

Today in Digital Image Processing, we had the suprise to show up to class with all the computers having OS X installed! In your face OS 9!

We spend all day going over the different ways to make selections in photoshop. Selections are important because this way you can alter just a portion of your whole image. Using the various selction tools, you can get all sorts of shapes and sizes of the desired selection. The different tools we went over were the Marquee Tools (rectangular, eliptical, horizontal line and vertical line), the Lasso Tool (which allows you to make a selection of any shape), The Polygonal Lasso Tool (which lets you get a more precice selectin then the plain Lasso Tool, and the magic wand (which selects a color and any color similar to the selected color, depending on the setting used), which is great to remove solid back grounds.

The really interesting thing I learnt today, which I was dying to learn properly, was the Quick Mask function. By turning on this tool, you can then use a brush tool to remove or add more of the mask, thus geting a more precice selection to your liking.

Once I have these skills mastered, I'll be able to cut heads off of bodies and put them on other bodies more easily!

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