Tuesday, May 09, 2006


For school I had to read something from a book called the Photoshop CS2 Bible. I decided to just buy the book since it will prove useful in the future. I had to read a little bit for today but ordered it on Amazon.ca last week and it said I wouldn't get it until later this week. I had gone to my library to see if they had it so I could at least read the part I needed before my copy arrived. I was shocked to find out the verison of the book they had was Photoshop 2.5! (CS2 is like Photoshop 9). Inside, were pictures of windows 3.1! Proving useless, I decided that my only solution was to go to Chapters monday afternoon and read what I needed and leave withouth buying anything. However, yesturday morning, as I was leaving the doorbell rang and it was the postman holding a package for me! I got to read what I needed on the bus. Sweet!

In other news, I had found out recently that Canada Day is on a Saturday. Having never celebrated Canada Day in Ottawa, and the fact that Owen from CIA keeps inviting me out there, I decided thats what must be done. Celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa.

I went to the train station and used my credit I had recieved from having to use the bus rather than the trian due to a protest in Belleville. With the cresit my whole round trip cost me 20$! The counter clerk told me in her 6 years of working for VIA Rail, she has never sold a cheaper ticket. Sweet!!

Also, walking to the metro last night to head home after hanging out with a bunch of chem people I hadn't seen in a while, a young woman walked right by me and had her IPOD placed between her cleavage (not actually touching her breasts but resting on her shirt/sweater/whatevre she was wearing). S-A-WEET!!!


Billy Ruffian said...

Cleavege pod. Sweet.

gussy said...

Why dont you have your own domain? Being a graphic designer, you should be able to make some sweet image headers and the like. Wouldn't take you long. Lots of free hosting out there (ask geeky computer people), Plus god blogging software as well, all open source.

Budman said...

Well, I just started learning graphic design in January. So far I am knowlegable in the basics of Photoshop Illustrator and Quark Xpress and have learnt a few ways of the creation process. This semester is going to be more hard core, learnign more advanced thigns in the programs and tips and tricks to make my work look good. Also, I'm learning intro to web design now so maybe in a few months I'll be able to spruce this page up a bit or make my own.
Are you in the graphic design industry?

gussy said...

Erm, no. I don't know much about web design. Know the basics and am trying top find time to learn CSS. I just like the individuality that owning your own domain gives you. plus i am on the anti-"blogger/ blogspot" committee. :P

Anonymous said...

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