Thursday, May 25, 2006

Freakin' Excited!

Since coming home I had to go into my room and relax a bit. I startd off with Thievery Corporation's Cosmic Game (highly recommended). I have since moved onto Pearl Jam's new album but it's started to get me excited again so let's see... Ah yes! Bonobo Live Sessions... Starting to feel chilled.

Wh was I so excited earlier today you may ask? Today was the deadline to submit your version of next years agenda cover. The winner gets his/her's version printed but even if it's not picked it's a great start for a portfolio.

Here's what I submitted:

I spent tuesday afternoon and all of today working on it. My idea was to do something similar to that IPOD commercial where all the CD albums are going into the IPOD. So I went outside and draw the school by hand and then drew it on the computer. Then I got pictures of items that represent the 3 programs that my school offers (design, beauty, and 2d/3d imagery) and traced them to give that logo look I have througout the poster.

I had to hand in a printed color version of the cover and since the store tht did the printing was open until 7pm, I had until 7pm to finish. being me, I finished at 6:55pm. I had about thirty minutes left when I finished tracing my last object and then had to figure out hw I wanted to lay them all out. The color background and the bottom green part I winged last minute. I also ran into a small problem in trying to cut part of something off which started to get me frustrated. Finally, I was done (i.e. ran out of time) and bolted upstairs to get it printed. Unfortunately my energy levels only increased because the printing wasn't working. Turns out it was just due to not having chosen the proper printer (we use the computer ourselves to print) and the guy working there didn't help at ALL. He looked totally lost and then walked away! So I waited a few minutes and then approached him talking to his coworkers and convinced him to try and help me again! it then printed and I handed it in. I felt SO MUCH better. It's truley an awesome feeling to hand in something you feel proud about. It's rewarding.


To get me even more excited when I got home, I confirmed things and it's official: Sunday I am participating in The Amazing Race 2.

No it's not the REAL Amazing race but its an event similar to the real show where we are in groups of 4 and we drive around the west island solving clues and doing physical tasks in order to reach the finish line. Thee are supposed to be great prized, a meal included and the weather is predicted to be really nice. Plus, Australian Lauren showed interest to participate and she will be joining the event but will be on another team (You're going down!).

Sunday's going to rock!


Billy Ruffian said...

Hey buddy, thanks for the shoutout on the ol' blog.

Tell me, do you feel crafty?

Anonymous said...

i like it!

(hope it gets accepted)


Billy Ruffian said...

How rude of me, I also hope your submission is accepted.

And if those fools reject you... we'll show them... We'll Show Them ALL!!!!


The Hek said...

Great pic. If I was judging, I'd give you first prize. I also like your display pic. You seem quite animated