Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back To School

My second semester of school started yesturday and I'm pumped. This semester the classes I have are:

Web Page Design
Image Processing II
Illustration I
Visual Communication
Edition II

I had my first class of Image Processing II, which is basically photoshop class, and that course is going ot be intense and fun for sure!
we even did this cool thing today where we started with a normal photo

and altered it so it would look more like a painting

Our midterm project will involve tracing the face of a female model to make it look as real as possible, while our final project will involve finding a style setup of a website, keepingthe same exact style, but changing the content.

I hope the other classes will seem as fun as this one.
On the bright side, FRIDAYS OFF!


Billy Ruffian said...

I register for summer classes tomorrow, Greek Civ, Latin and Greco-Roman Art.

Should prove to be fun, although I still won't be a linguist and therefore, shall not dominate the improv-iad.

Lady Jesslyn said...

Wow that picture is crazy. The things you can do these days.