Sunday, May 21, 2006

Manhunt 3: Hunted by Men (and women and kids)

Today was the third meet of the Montreal chapter of Manhunt. As has been the case lately, it was raining all day. And like the last time I went, the rain stopped for the duratio of Manhunt only to continue once we were done. However, having rain led to an advantage for me for I had an umbrella which proved quite useful (more details below).

This time the game was held in Vieux Montreal. Our starting point was the Centaur theatre and we had a small within invisible boundaries to run frantic within. Lot os fun and interesting things happened today:

-Right before we began, a mother showed up with her son and his friend (both probably 10-12).

-During the first game I walked through a pay parking lot and the worker came up to me and said soemthing about a car. I responded yes to ensure he wouldn't yell at me for walking through the parking lot. The he responded with me following him to pay for the parking as to which I replied I had no car...

-After successfully staying not caught for 15 minutes of the first game, I got cornered in a small street with 5 people on one side and 3 on the other. As Maryam came up to tag me I thrusted my close dumbrella at her, pushed the button and tried to block her with the open umbrella. I failed misreably but it was worth the shot.

-Two guys decided it'd be fun to hide up a fire escape which led to them scaling accross a legde on teh second floor almost all around the building. Not cool...

-During the second game, Norm volunteered me to be the first hunter.

-My plan as hunter was to walk around with my umbrella up. First I noticed a guy hidding behind a dirt mound that after circling him and with the aid of a girl, cornered him and tagged him.

-I noticed a group of 3 people walking down the street and walked completely hidden under my umbrella. I kept getting closer and closer and they never noticed me until I gunned it too quickly and close dmy umbrealla and jumped accross an interesection, thus scaring the shit out of some tourists. I ended up scaring my prey away but caught up to the girl in the bunch only because she dropped her cell phone.

-Kevin Anderson got stopped by the police because they saw him running and thought had stolen something.

All in all, manhunt was great but can't wait to play it in nice hot weather.

After Manhunt, we walked to Phil and Adair's and had a BBQ. It was fun talking abotu the game to others and just plain meeting new people.

Cab't wait until the next one!


Billy Ruffian said...

I'm glad the 10-12 year old kids were able to get in on the action of Montreal Manhunt (The Fightin' Manhunt! as Colbert would say).

Please say hello to Maryam and all the rest of the crowd fer me alrighty?

gussy said...

damn, sounds like an exciting manhunt! We have another one on today, hopefully everything can go as planned, should be a hoot.