Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Hunt Begins

Yesturday I was one of the 25+ participants in the second meeting of MANHUNT in Montreal.

It orginated in Vancouver and there is also one that goes on in Toronto. Dustinl who lives in Vancouver, told people here about it which caused this guy I know, Phil, to start a Montreal chapter of the game. So far so good.

Basically, a everyone is given arm bands and a hunter is selected. He/she then counts for 2 minutes while everyone runs off to hide or get away. After the 2 minutes the hunter goes after people. Anyone he/she tags becomes a hunter as well. The game goes on for 30 minutes and point is to try and remain untagged. The only trick is that you don't know if someone is tagged or not.

The boundaries for the game were between St. Laurent and St. Denis, and Des Pins and Prince Arthur. The starting point being Carree St. Louis, a.k.a Crack Park. We played a total of 2 games and both were intense.

When the first one started, I had no idea what to expect and started to get into it once I deliberatey ran in a direction away from everyone else, turning a corner and then seeing a group of people coming around another corner. My instincts were to just trust NO ONE. I started to put my hood up and kept looking behind my shoulder and trying to feel all incognito which was totally a waste since I had bright orange arm band that clearly pointed me out.

I turned down a driveway into an alley (thats what was cool about this area since there were alleys between each street) and bump into Norm (who was also playing) and he starts chasing me (later I found out he wasnt a hunter at all and just wanted to make me run for nothing). After walking around a bit, I pass a park and this guy starts running at me with another guy behind him. Not waiting to find out if the guy running towards me was being chased or was coming to chase me, I bolt away.

Later as I returned to the same park, I saw another guy running towards me from far away so I start walking faster and see a couple of people walking towards me on the opposite side of the street butthey are talking and wealking casualy until suddenly then start to chase me. I immediatley started to run as fast as I could but my arm band fell off. While I was wondering if that meant I was automatically a manhunter or what, they caught me.

The first game ended with satisfaction, as I found out where Norm was hiding and with the help of Kevin, caught him by having Kevin chase him down an alley where I was waiting in the shadows at the other end.

For the second game, Norm volunteered himself to be the first hunter and had purposely tagged me first so we could double team people. That plan son back fired as we split up hoping to corner someone, instead reamining seperated for the remaining 25 minutes of the game. I however got to tag 3 peoply. One of them being Phil who I saw way down an alley, chased, lost him, walked around a bit and found him again in another alley. I eventually got him because when I had found him he was already tired from running away from others.

The whole itme there was a guy taking notes and another guy taking pictures. I got in the notes and pictures. If I find out where I can find this stuff, I'll try to link on hear sometime in the future.

My mom told me today "I can't believe you're running around like little kids. When I was your age I was married and already had a kid." Can't wait until the next one!


Billy Ruffian said...

Holy Smokes, is there anything you don't do?

julien said...

i totally counted, there were like 40 people. i had loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

too bad i missed this one. I'll be there for the next one fo sho.

Anonymous said...

that was maryam

gussy said...

OMG! i love manhunts. We have them in Perth. Well the second one is going to be in a few weeks. First showing was only around 16 people, im sure we can get more now! Manhunt perth site

Budman said...

Wow! How did it get all the way to Perth?
By the way, is this Jess' brother?

gussy said...

it got to perth cause it is a great idea.

Yes im Jess's brother.