Sunday, May 14, 2006

To The Budmobile

Friday night I went got the car and drove downtown. I rarely have a chance to drive downtown but convinced my parents to let me have the car for the evening. As I get downtown, while waiting for the light to turn green at University and Sherbrooke, I look ahead and who else is crossing University, none other than Andrew Ladd! That was a funny coincidence.

I basically spent the night with Norm, Amin and Aussie Lauren. Lauren told us this hilarious story about what happened at Starbucks where she works. Apparently, one of the regulars, a guy in his mid 40's, saw her shopping for underwear in a lingerie shop and decided to buyher a red thong... and gave it to her at work. On another occasion, she was cleaning up and went ot get a broom. While pulling it up she accidently got it caught int he light or something in the ceiling and couldn't get it out. It being the end of her shift, she wrote a note that said "I'm sorry", taped it to the broom and left. Ha ha.

We went driving downtown a bit and I totally scared my friends out with my driving. Especially when we all the leant the hard way that I forgot how to parallel park properly.

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