Thursday, May 25, 2006


I don't know if this is some crazy coincidence or it wa menat to happen but lately I've been discovering these hilrious ninja related things on the net.

First it the really cool and funny Dr McNinja ( Owen introduced it to me and I quite like it. The art is really cool and it reminds me a lot of Batman mixed with Deadpool.

Owen also introducedme to another comic featuring a ninja - White Ninja Comics ( This one however has nothing to do with ninjas and doesn't realy make much sense but I just love the creators wacky humor.

Finally, I was bored one day and stumbled accross something called Ask A Ninja ( It's great. It's kind of like Strong Bad e-mails ( except he's a ninja and it's live not cartoon (well not all of it). I also can't get over how muc the guy acts just like Gil. It's almost scary. And to add to that they had a videa called Ask A Samurai, some fan made a while back, and that guy sounds just like Jeremy.

I look forward to watching you read a ninja related comic before I kill you! (To uderstand that you need to go to one of the above links, but which one? Muhahah!)

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