Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Moving a Step Backwards in Technology

So it finally happened, my portable CD player died. It put up a good fight. I bought it super cheasp near the end of my time in Australia due to my then portable CD player dying. I didnt' expect a lot outof it for 60 bucks but I didn't expect it to just die like it did. First a few of the buttons stopped working some of the time. Then the screen started to spit out chinese characters, which soon turned to pure random garbage and then finally a blank screen. Then there was a trick where I had to turn it on with the remote and then try again on the actual device to get it to start, kind of like a secret sequence of buttons to unlock a code (the Da Vinci code it ain't). Until finally nothing worked.

Being totally addicted to music, I started to go crazy after a few days until I found my old walkman which I carried around all day. Yes that's right, everyone is replacing CD's with MP3's and i'm replacing mine with crappy old cassette tapes. I don't have that many either. Out of my old collection running from the early 90s to mid/late 90s, excluding the old school white rap of House of Pain and the gansta combeback album of Run DMC, I've got Blink 182, Fastball, Radio Head - The Bends, and some hard NU metal mix I copied off someone that has Korn, Limp Bizkit, Tool, Rage Against the Machine and Marilyn Manson, among others.

Besides those, I also have a tape of Limblifter's Bellaclava. I completely forgot about it and how much I enjoyed it. For those of you not familiar with them, Limblifter where created by a pair of brothers who were in another band called Age of Electric. At first Limblifter was a side project and released an album, but when AOE broke up, they became a real band and released Bellaclava. It did well int eh canadian rock scene I think but then one of the brothers, the talented drummer, left the band with another member and joined the Canadian super group The New Pornographers. Apperently, the other brother recruited a whole new backup band and released a new album last year. I'm dying to get a copy of it even though it got mediocre reviews.

In other news, tonight I had gone to Brutopia to hang out with Improv friends, say goodbye to the lovely Mariana "It's pronounced Vee-Al!" Vial. I'm actually quite sad to see her go. Now that I came back from Australia, all my friends are starting to move away! On the other hand I've been making a bunch of newe friends as of late so it's balancing out but it's still sad.

It was also trivia night and one of the questions had to do with Australia! The question was "what color are Emu eggs?". Having seen them with my own eye's I knew they were green. Ny friends couldn't believe that I was saying the right thing but I insited and we got the point. Unfortunatly I dont' think my team won (I had to leave before the last question was answered) because we got about 4 or 5 out of 10 wrong.

Well next time i"ll memorize some trivia pursuit cars since that's where the questions came from.


Billy Ruffian said...

I miss my friends too man, but good on ya for meeting new people. It's the only way to go.

Billy Ruffian said...

I'm not obsessed with Ninjas. I can quit anytime I want.


I just don't want to.

Mariana said...

Awww :)

I'll miss you too. I'm glad I got to see you before I left.

If you ever want to Road Trip to Boston... (I'm serious)

Good luck with school and stuff. Rock out with your cassette tapes out!

Anonymous said...

Actually, we won, after nontuple overtime. The other teams were really stupid.

- Dye!