Sunday, May 07, 2006

Krazy Kareoke

Friday night I went with a bunch of people to Dollar Cinema at Decarie Square. Dollar Cinema is an old theatre that used to play old Indian movies but has since been converted to a cheap theatre to see 6 month old movies for a buck. Run by a
Jewish guy, I guess he wanted to think of more ways to make money so Friday night was the very first Kareoke and Other Stuff night.

Norm had been talking about it for the longest time so I decided to join him and his friends Lauren, Ameen, Kevin and Lauren. The second Lauren was actually someone Norm had met through McGill classifieds, for she is from Australia visiting our aweseome city and was looking to meet new people. What better people then us!

SO we show up ealy and immediately get cornered by the owner, his lawyer, the security guard and the kareoke guy. They are all excited people showed up. We thought that either we'd be the ONLY people or it would be REALLY busy. Actually, to my suprise, the latter was true. There was a huge line that formed eventually while we were waiting for the stage to set up.

Once everything was ready, there was a kareoke machine on stage plus a live band consisting of a drummer, a keyboardist and the kareoke guy who was also a guitarist.

The show started finally and we had to wait for a few acts before it was our turn. Such acts included not one but THREE guys singing Elvis and two of them singing the SAME song. Only 1 guy was actually good... Besides the Elvis guys, was by far one of my favorite acts, a kid of about 8 or 9 singing in completion, without a pause or any backup music for that matter, Shut Up by Simple Plan. He knew EVERY SINGLE word and didn't skip a beat.

Finally it was our turn. We had denoted ourselves Zombie and sang White Wedding by Bily Idol. We have no idea how was sounded but could all agree that we were the most comfortable at the part where the song goes "White Wedding!" and "Start Again!" but the rest fo the song, no so much...

Later on I decided to sing by myself. For the love of kareoke, I do not know why, but I decided to sing Paradise City by G'N'R. I thought I knew the song pretty well. Apperently not. I got so lost in what was goign on and was almost certain the kareoke version was different from what I have on the original CD because there were parts of the song I just didnt' know how to sing. To compensate, I decided to just thrash around on stage and do air guitar. It worked since the crowd went WILD!

We stook around for a while longer. The following acts were pretty lousy but nothing beat this one woman who was on stage with her husband. She was SO BAD that Norm and I almost died from laughter.

Last but not least, Kevin got up and sang Copacobana by Barry Manilow and he KICKED ASS! He sang it bang on and finished his song by immediately dropping to his hands and doing Capoeira.

After Kevin's fantastic display of having fun, we headed over to the Orange Julep, then the Verdun to play Tetris on Nintendo 64 at Lauren's place and I got home and crashed at 3am.

I've decided to end this post with the most bizarre part of the night. On the way to the Orange Julep I mistakenly mentioned that the juice was made with egg (it turns out it's egg whites) and decided to correct myself by asking at the place. So we get to the counter and the follwing conversation ensued:

Me - "Hi, how are you tonight?"
Orange Julep Worker - "Good"
Me - "I have a question. What's in the juice?"
OJW - "I don't know"
Me - "You don't know?"
OJW (pointing to a sign that says 'May contain allergies')
Me - "But you don't know whats in the juice? Is there egg in the juice?"
OJW - "I don't know" (points to the sign again)
Me - "Does you Manager know? Can I speak to your manager?"
OJW - "My manager is not here."
Me - "Does ANYONE who works here know what is inside your juice?"
OJW - "My manager does."
Me - "But he's not here?"
OJW - "Yes."
Me - "You're manager is the ONLY person who knows and he's not working tonight"
OJW - "Yes."

After that I gave up and just ordered food and a juice. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing...

For pictures of the night click HERE!

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