Saturday, May 06, 2006

14 Year Old Girls Scare Me...

Thursday night I went with a group of people to see Hard Candy directed by David Slade (not to be confused with David Spades). I knew a little bit of what the movie was about but was basically going in clueless.

It's about a 14 year old girl who meets an older guy on the internet and then they decide to meet in person. Everything is la-dee-da. They head back to his place and your supposed to believe something is going to happen to the girl. Wrong. The girl drugs the guy and then ties him up. The rest of the movie is about how she tortures him for she believes he is a pedophile.

NOTE SPOILERS! (I.e. I"m talking about the movie and if you want to see it, DON'T read this or you'll know what happens).

The movie is done in a really artsy way which I liked but I thought the whole movie was really stretched out. I guess the whole point is to emphesize on how much the girl wants to screw witht he guys head. Also, the whole movie is basically just the two actors in the same place so there is not much action. It's a listening piece.

Like I said, though, the idea seems stretched. Basically, the guy gets drugged and he is tied up. You learn that she's in fact not playing with him and has been scoping him out for a while. He keeps confessing he's not a bad guy and has never slept with underage girls. She rumages his house and eventually finds a safe and opens it. Inside are (supposedly, you never ctually see whats inside) naked photos of young girls, and a clothed photo a girl who has been missing in the community. He gives a bullshit story about it and denies having any involvement in her disappearance. Ok so he's tied up and she's going to do somethign to him, we know that... but then he tries to escape, and finds his gun and looks for her in teh house even though he's stil tied to a rolling chair. She emergesd and covers his head with plastic wrap thus killing him...

Or you think so. He wakes up and he's tied to a table where she eventually (after loads of talking) does an operation, removing his testicles and then throwing them in the garbage disposal.He's totally flipping out and she leaves the room to "go shower". He finally escapes and finds out she never cut off his balls btu just made them numb. He then stalks her inteh house with a knife until he goes to the shower where she again comes from behind and attacks him with a tazer in the shower. He again dies...

Or you think so. He wakes up and is now tied in such a was that he is a noose and the only things holding him up is a rope she is controlling and the chair he is standing on. She's tormenting him to just kill himself, which by this poitn of the movie, I really want him to DIE ALREADY! He eventually knocks her and jumps on teh counter, thus removing the noose. She bolts away and he chases after her, following her to the roof of the house. He FINALLY admits to have been involved in killing the missing girl but says he was only taking pictures whiel another guy had sex with her. Then the climax occurs the 14 year old says "Thats what Erin (the other guy) said". Coming to grips with his reality and the fact that his ex-girlfriend (who the 14 year old annonymously called and convinced her she need to come by the house) is about to show up, finally ties a rope around his head and KILLS HIMSELF! YES!

The movie was weird for my taste but still not a bad film. I definitely would avoid Hard Candy 2 is that ever existed.

To conclude such an interesting watching of a film, I head to the metro where I saw a goup of hot 14 year old girls chatting to each other... and cringed.


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comment4U said... the title of this post. I thought about seeing this movie (love the indy flicks), but it just seemed sooooooo dark.