Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spring Cleaning

During my week off from school, I took a stab at cleaning out my room due to the fact that I really hadn't done any intense cleaning since before I moved to Australia.

I decided this time rather than just move things from one end to the room to another, I decided to actually get rid of somethings. I had about a full drawer of t-shirts, long sleeved shirts and sweaters that i just don't wear anymore.

I also have bag full of toys and trinkets that I finally decided is time to pass on. That being said anyone need a water gun, plastic giraffe, slinky or a toy truck (among other things)?

I left my closet alone until last night. Boy did that ever need a cleaning. Now I have all my sports equipment in one corner - a giant bag of tennis balls and baseballs, tennis rackets, baseball bats and the ol' set of golf clubs in a garbage bag (which have I've never used). I through all my halloween stuff in one bag, which I keep for halloween and for those random costume parties I've been going to lately.
The biggest decision I made last night was coming to terms that I no longer need my old chemistry notes. So here's what's left of my chemistry degree:

My 18 binders of notes have now been replaced with shoes.


Billy Ruffian said...

I know the feeling, as you know, I purged my room not so long ago.

Still feels weird, but in a good, moving forward sorta way.

Budman said...

Actually, I got inspired by your cleaning up of your room, that I decided to do mine (my mom was also a factor)

Anonymous said...

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